Philip Monteleoni

Philip Monteleoni was born in Padova, Italy. At the age of six, he moved with his family to New York City. While all his subsequent schooling was in the US, he stayed connected to Italy by repeated visits.

In the early 1960s, as a break from college, Philip served in the US Army for two years. He then went on to obtain a graduate degree in architecture at the Yale School of Art and Architecture. Early in his long career he specialized in healthcare design, believing strongly in providing beautiful and stress-reducing environments to this previously overlooked client type – patients, families and medical staff. He became a leader in this field, and is proud of his many projects around the country and abroad, including hospitals in Korea, Israel, China and the United Arab Emirates.

Image of Philip MonteleoniNow retired, Philip has happily turned his attention to pursuits that had lain dormant while he was immersed in his demanding professional career: sculpture, photography, drawing, writing, playing music and volunteering.

Image of Philip Monteleoni in Mosaics StudioWanting to learn more about sculpture, over the years Philip participated in several stone carving workshops. In the US he worked under great teachers at Marble, Colorado and West Rutland, Vermont, both places known for their pure white marble quarries. In Italy he worked in Pietrasanta and Carrara, known worldwide for top quality marble and cadres of master carvers. In 2017 he took an exciting workshop outside of Florence, in Florentine Mosaic, wanting to work in stone, but creating something small enough to carry home on a plane. It was a wonderful and illuminating experience. Click on the image above to see the photos on his teacher's website that captured a day in the studio.


Hear Philip's music here.